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Thanks for visiting!

Skinny Wizard is pretty much a one man band. My name is Bill. I play all the instruments. I am fairly good at all of them. But I know I am not the best.

Honestly this is a part time job for me. I cannot afford to quit my day job. So, my day job supports my Skinny Wizard habit. I have playing guitar since I was a bout 6 or 7. I took it seriously during my high school years but then I moved away from home and life took over. I didn't really understand how the music industry worked and it was easier to make money building houses to make someone else rich.

But now my wife, Suzy, and I are empty nesters. So, I can try and recapture the dream. I am not sure if I want to play live, however.


Welcome to my website and I hope you enjoy what you find here!